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Sky Cleaning Inc.

Can I clean? My name is Wilber Escobar, I am the owner of Sky Cleaning Inc. Before I begin to write about my journey, I'd first like to thank my wife Vivian Escobar for supporting everything I do and for loving our children. Since I got that out of the way, we can finally start with what I really want to say lol.

Well, it started like this. I've been in the cleaning industry for more than 15 years and I was working for one of the best cleaning companies in the area. Did I love or enjoy what I was doing?Yes, I completely did! But, every good thing must come to an end and begin with better things. After working for many many years for a company that was growing, I've decided to start my own. I specialized in all types of cleaning such as commercial cleaning, office cleaning, restaurant cleaning, heck I was even good at cleaning couches. You name it, I probably cleaned it. Therefore, I've decided to start on my own.One day, I came home to tell my wife about the crazy idea I had on starting and the first thing my wife told me was to " DO IT", Man! I remember feeling like I could just start almost anything and nothing could have stopped me. Therefore, I started Sky Cleaning Inc.

“Nothing worth having comes easy. There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure”. The reason why I wrote that quote is because my first 6-8 months were hell. I had no major customers, no major clients, no major referee,everything was going out of my savings account and everyday I was driving around my van and wondering if I had made the right choice. You see, when you have children, your mind works differently and it gives you a different type of drive. One day, I noticed that driving around in Frederick, Hagerstown, Bethesda, Washington DC, and Baltimore finally pays off. I started to get calls to give quotes for cleaning projects.

After a bit more than a year in, I’ve learned that “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure”. Therefore, here I am sharing what this company is about and what our family can offer yours. There are many people who have believed in me and supported me. Although I wish to name names,I will stop right here because the list will go on. Sky Cleaning Inc. is growing because of all the support I get from families, friends, and most of all,our lovely clients.

If you have any questions, concerns, or questions about starting your own cleaning business, please do email me at I am more than willing to help you start one. Enough to share this big PIE!

Sky Cleaning Inc.

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