How to look for a cleaning service ?

Updated: Jan 30

A Few steps to follow > this may be something you already know but hey! it is always good to have someone to remind you especially from a professional like us.

Price , Budget , Reviews, etc, etc.

We all know that we have a budget when it comes to cleaning services and we want to get it done the best way possible. Right? Most people start from pricing and remember; you get what you pay for sometimes. That is why we suggest to start with the reviews. For example: Sky Cleaning Inc. has five star rating in cleaning service industry and (hint hint) we can offer great pricing . Why not try calling us to find out and we can beat the price you bring. Enough about us, it's about you!

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How to check reviews???

hum.. that's a good question since we will have to spill out some beans for that. Some companies pays for reviews and some don't. The best way to verify that is to see if you can click on profile of the user and go from there.

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